People Tries Persuading Girlfriend That “All Guys” Have Grindr On Their Cell Phones

People Tries Persuading Girlfriend That “All Guys” Have Grindr On Their Cell Phones

Typically, the “but all guys exercise!” excuse ought to be limited to awakening at full-alert or ripping upwards throughout the Shawshank Redemption.

It should perhaps not, under any circumstances, end up being a suitable reply to practical question “exactly why do you may have Grindr on your own telephone?”

Particularly if the individual inquiring that matter happens to be the girlfriend of man being expected.

But such is the case for just one justifiably baffled girl who recently challenged the girl “straight” date about why the tiny orange symbol is tucked away within his cell.

“So last week I discovered that my sweetheart of like four decades got installed Grindr (shamefully I happened to be lookin through his mobile). He performedn’t have actually a profile or not I confronted your in which he informed me he checked as a tale which all guys look-up weird things like this. He mentioned it actually was “just observe exactly what the application got like” but that he’s maybe not homosexual or interesting by any means.

Will be the whole ‘all guys look at it’ stuff real, do I need to faith your, or do I need to just be sure to keep in touch with him about it Type Of freaking completely and extremely puzzled.”

Normally, a lot of those who responded to the lady question revealed the almost-certain risk that whether or not her sweetheart is not homosexual, there’s an attraction on their component that ought to be able to be conveyed honestly.

“A straight guy isn’t browsing get near that software,” LoveLiveLearn had written. “he could be inquisitive at discovering their sex. He might have used it, he might not need, but he’s interesting.”

And one homosexual guy supplied this take from personal expertise:

“All the ‘straight’ men I’ve found going out on Grindr need at the very least started prepared to feel some kind of like from men, no matter what the appeal of a GF and sometimes even a spouse. That I Understand of, none of my genuine direct chap pals keep Grindr installed on their mobile as a source of enjoyment.”

In any event, we wouldn’t suggest just “letting it get” and dreaming about the very best. You never know, possibly the most amazing threesome of this lady life maybe coming, or it may you need to be time for you accept becoming unmarried once more.

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56 Responses

Patrick Crawford

Rob Laughlin

Bless the lady heart. She should begin swallowing.


If he doesn’t have an account then it’s probably that he’s only interested in learning application so the guy downloaded it, checked they but forgot to delete they.

David Tillman

All guys should……

Petro Dance

Lmao Mwoww Cortez

Philip Epstein

We don’t has grinder and I don’t must tinder so no he’s a liar

Nick Guida

yeah…everyone investigates homosexual porno lol

Charles Schultz

Dump the empty issue solved grindr on.

Keith Perdue

okay, I’m 63 & we dunno exactly what “Grndr” is…izzit sumthin regarding sexual acts with a sub or exactly what?


Oh so he’s one of those closeted kinds that however believes he’s straight. lol.

Christopher Hayward

Best boys like me which have been bisexual and had two girlfriends. Yes, they know and couldn’t care and attention, I am company with both nevertheless. I never had a grinder accounts but had enjoyable with certainly one of my personal ex-boyfriends, yes they knew.My cardiovascular system with these people each.

Rory P. Rentmeester

Lol. That’s around as good as the lady fell through the ceiling onto my personal dick.

Gerard Sikora

homosexual chap.. inside dresser. lol

@Keith Perdue: I’m 68 and I know what Grinder is. But I’ve never used it. Don’t determine if any person during my backward area would utilize it both.

Brian Johnson-Frazier

I don’t get one. I am not saying downloading cost-free STD onto my cell lol

Don Hanover

Douglas Schlitz

All the best with this !

That man’s homosexual plus in assertion

Nonato San-Chez

Hahaha the woman is dumb if she believes this


It’s what she gets for snoopin on his cell. It’s his businesses and after all they’re not married. So can you imagine the guy does find some dick unofficially? Even more dudes should get some dick following never be very determined by some kunt crossing this lady feet and cutting-off the twat present just because she’s in a negative aura that time.

Kevin Hurst

L Daniel Age Kaufman

Ahahaha! Wonderful Brian Johnson-Frazier!

Jeff Nichols

Lol, yeah that’s right


every right dudes i am aware tend to be astonished to educate yourself on discover a homosexual ap analogous to Tinder, much more astonished to discover which came first, this provides a member of family length element and this in some villages it’s like purchasing cost-free blow tasks shipping towards accommodation.

David Chachki

Trevor McGee

Keith Perdue

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