HIV-positive guys may use ‘POZ parties’ to decrease threat of spread of HIV, but more health threats can be engaging

HIV-positive guys may use ‘POZ parties’ to decrease threat of spread of HIV, but more health threats can be engaging

Gender events where HIV-positive gay boys meet for non-safe sex may help lower the spread out of HIV, but could entail a danger of intimately sent problems and superinfection with resilient pressures of HIV, according to a pilot learn performed in nyc and posted when you look at the October edition of Sexually sent bacterial infections.

Even snapsext though learn is actually presented in measured vocabulary, and is also cautious to highlight both the potentially negative and positive health implications of intercourse parties including HIV-positive gay boys, or a€?POZ partiesa€? while the writers refer to them as, a mass media release from publishers in the record made use of way more sensational language and led to alarmist statements eg a€?POZ people distributed extremely tension of HIVa€? inside popular newspapers.

Happenings particularly POZ events may signify an attempt by HIV-positive gay guys purchase intimate partners of the same HIV status, alleged a€?serosortinga€?. Though there was comprehensive research into the intimate conduct of gay boys nowadays, little known about homosexual sex activities. For that reason experts set out to explain the faculties of men exactly who go to POZ people, their particular grounds for performing this, the kinds of intercourse they involved with at these parties, their drug utilize at these occasions and their sexual conduct beyond events which present more HIV-positive people.



Selecting intimate lovers of the same HIV reputation, or restricting condomless sex to partners of the same HIV status. As a danger decrease strategy, the disadvantage for HIV-negative everyone is because they can only ensure of their HIV status once they past grabbed a test, whereas HIV-positive anyone are confident they understand their particular reputation

pilot learn

Small-scale, preliminary research, executed to evaluate feasibility, energy, cost, unpleasant happenings, and fix upon the style of the next full-scale scientific study.


When anybody currently contaminated with HIV are subjected to a different strain of HIV and gets contaminated with-it along with their particular established malware.


A variant characterised by a specific genotype.


Amyl, butyl or isobutyl nitrite, is leisurely medicines sniffed while having sex to both heighten the experience and unwind anal sphincter muscle tissue.

Investigators interviewed a total of 115 boys at ten POZ party occasions in New York in the last half of 2003. A great deal of people comprise white (70per cent) and 97per cent asserted that they had intercourse entirely with other guys. The average time of HIV disease had been a decade, although this varied between 2 months and 20 years. Antiretroviral treatment had been taken by 69% of men plus the typical era had been 42 many years. A sexually transmitted illness in the year before attending the intercourse celebration was actually reported by a 3rd of men.

Over a third of males mentioned that her main basis for participating in a POZ party is sometimes a€?dona€™t have to worry about disclosing my personal HIV statusa€? (35%) or a€?like creating uninhibited or unrestricted sexa€? (35percent). Also, 15% of men reported a€?dona€™t need to bother about infecting othersa€? since their primary reason for attending the function.

a previous sex party concerning HIV-positive boys had been went to by 75percent of males, the majority of whom mentioned that they attended their own earliest this type of celebration between 2000-03, indicating that these happenings got gained in recognition lately. Males reported attending activities in many united states towns along with European countries.

A lot of people (88percent) asserted that they had oral intercourse with a minumum of one people at a POZ party, with 60percent stating that that they had exposed receptive rectal intercourse (along with 75% of these people obtaining ejaculate) and 72percent saying that that they had have unprotected insertive rectal intercourse at these types of an event (with 69% of those boys proclaiming that they ejaculated in their companion).

There was little proof medication utilize at POZ celebration events. Despite current issue in the us about methamphetamine and male erectile dysfunction medication fuelling intimate chances using, the detectives unearthed that just 11per cent of males reported using any amphetamine and only 1percent of men mentioned that they used Viagra before or while in the party. Furthermore, the detectives seen little proof medicine utilize besides poppers.

The detectives suck several inferences off their research. Firstly, the events they examined be seemingly an effort at a€?serosortinga€?. Subsequently, drug need is not a prominent feature of these activities; and, thirdly, sex activities concerning HIV-positive gay males might provide an as but unrealised window of opportunity for fitness promotion.

a€?POZ events could potentially contribute to decreases within the spread of HIV illness through the self-selection of HIV-positive intimate partnersa€?, deduce the detectives. But some great benefits of these a€?serosortinga€? might be undermined from the scatter of sexually transmitted attacks and the a€?diffusion of HIV superinfection, both among HIV-positive males at POZ functions in addition to their HIV-negative gender lovers in other venues.a€?

Clatts MC et al. an appearing HIV hazard ecosystem: an initial epidemiological profile of an MSM POZ party in nyc. Gender Transm Infect 81: 373 a€“ 376, 2005.

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