Amity Blight is a supporting fictional character in the Owl home. The woman is a prodigious young witch who attends Hexside college of Magic and Demonics

Amity Blight is a supporting fictional character in the Owl home. The woman is a prodigious young witch who attends Hexside college of Magic and Demonics

Amity Blight

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Amity Blight was a supporting fictional character of The Owl House. This woman is a prodigious younger witch whom attends Hexside School of wonders and Demonics. Although she ended up being initially portrayed as an antagonist, after connecting with Luz, Amity has started to become an improved individual, being able to stand up to the girl mothers, restore the girl friendship with Willow, and become friends with Luz, later the lady girlfriend.


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Amity is actually slim, with pale skin, chin-length tresses with a ponytail pulling the front tresses off this lady face, and brilliant golden sight. Like the majority of witches, she’s pointy ears. Amity’s locks are two-toned, composed of shades of aquamarine with brown hairher natural locks color [1] visible during the roots. Nearby the conclusion of “through looking-glass damages”, Amity decides to dye this lady locks lilac, with brown tresses apparent at the girl temples.


Whenever participating in college, Amity wears a gray tunic with a dark-gray buckle, cowl, and footwear. As part of the Abomination track, the girl sleeves and leggings include a greyish-pink color. The remainder of the girl attire includes putting on triangle-shaped black colored earrings and black nail enamel. She has a star pin on her cowl, which ultimately shows that she’s the most known beginner. She wears dark colored grey, heeled footwear, with a light grey very top.

If not going to class, Amity clothing in a black colored small sleeve outfit with orchid leggings and black colored aim footwear with fantastic crescent moonlight buckles. Around this lady neck, she wears an amulet with an orchid gem stone.


Amity try called bright and aggressive. She attends miraculous college in conjunction with Willow, Gus, and (later on) Luz, and is part of the Abomination track. Due to the fact “best scholar” at Hexside, Amity is actually proud of the lady updates while the most useful college student during the entire class and happens as much as to use it as a bragging right. She seems down on more youngsters who are not as profitable as she’s and teases all of them, as indicated significantly within her treatment of Willow in “I found myself a Teenage Abomination”. She doesn’t bring kindly to people exactly who take the girl limelight and is also significantly the teacher’s pet, seeing as just how Principal Bump regards extremely of this lady.

However, she does have a sensitive and painful area when this lady character try compromised. The lady reasons for are just how the woman is is mainly because she desires to sooner or later become a member of the Emperor’s Coven, just who only handpick the very best of a. Besides enjoying checking out to youngsters from the Bonesborough collection as shown in “forgotten in Language”, further proof of Amity becoming kinder than she allows on are the woman accepting of Luz to be finally admitted they to Hexside nonetheless appreciated the woman friendship with Willow strong in, despite being forced to sever they long ago with regard to shielding the latter’s upcoming as students of Hexside from the lady mothers in “1st Day” and “knowing Willow” correspondingly. The latter event demonstrated besides the level of the lady selflessness but furthermore the aspire to generate amends together with her previous companion and disagreement together mothers’ disdain towards the weak. She helps to keep this soft side concealed to maybe not display weakness.

Although she seems standoffish, Amity keeps a sense of respect and ethics, as she was actually shocked and embarrassed that their teacher, Lilith Clawthorne, produced their cheat with a magic raise inside her duel with Luz without Amity’s insights and, since Eda did the exact same for Luz, exactly who apologized to Amity. Amity also known as from the forever-oath she cast on Luz to allow the woman to carry on the woman training becoming a witch. This shows that for many the lady faults, Amity really wants to do well predicated on her own effort and quality, and not depend on cheat or deception to accomplish this.



Luz Noceda

Luz and Amity in Covention

Amity and Luz need a complex relationship that progresses across show. Amity originally encounters Luz when she presents as Willow’s abomination, taking her “best student” title. Suspicious of Luz, Amity attempts to expose their to the level of convincing Principal bundle to dissect this lady. Subsequently, both happened to be almost always at probabilities because of Amity’s snobbish conduct, despite Luz’s tries to making amends. Like other witches, Amity underestimates individuals, believing they might be not capable of doing magic until Luz reveals the lady an alternate approach to spell-casting. It really is revealed in “forgotten in vocabulary” that Amity had been attempting to figure Luz away, whether she got a poser, a nerd, or at the worst, a bully. After Luz apologizes for reading the girl diary and lets the woman obtain the woman 5th Azura guide, Amity generally seems to admit the lady mindset towards Luz upfront and at minimum pledges to believe on the actions. In “Adventures into the Elements”, she and Luz become friends as they team with each other to truly save Eda therefore the twins through the Slitherbeast, however, she sternly scolds Luz for resulting in the scenario and barriers the lady in a pink cage so she does not get harm. She is shocked when she later on escapes, but collectively, they handle the Slitherbeast and no-cost Eda, Edric, and Emira. Amity is actually delighted that she and Luz might be browsing Hexside collectively all things considered, and blushes whenever Luz raises the prospect of a manuscript pub, asking for it to be a secret.

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